Tips to Prepare for GMAT – Your Guide to a Perfect Score

  • 09-03-2021 |
  • Polad Aladi

This article is a guide for students who are preparing for the GMAT. GMAT is the standardized test of the Graduate Management Admission Council which evaluates the proficiency of the students in taking the entrance test for business schools across the globe. 
If you are planning to take the GMAT, then this article will be of great help to you.

Tips to Prepare for the GMAT

Tip 1: Understand that GMAT is a test of mental skills and not of content knowledge.

Tip 2: The key to master GMAT is to practice, practice, and practice again.

Tip 3: The best way to master a test is to practice in the same condition as in the exam.

Tip 4: Practice until you are confident in all the question types.

Tip 5: Use the Exam pack for practice, as it contains questions from the released exams.

Tip 6: Reduce your preparation time by mastering the basics.

Tip 7: Take a mock test to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Tip 8: Learn to master timing in order to get high scores in each section of the test.

Tip 9: Use all the resources that are available to you – practice tests, sample problems, classroom courses, preparation apps, etc.

Tip 10: Be patient with yourself – you will get there.

GMAT Preparation Apps

Magoosh GMAT Prep & Practice app

This is the official app for Magoosh’s GMAT prep and practice. This app includes over 200+ video lessons, over 2000+ practice questions, and other features that will help you ace the GMAT.

Magoosh GMAT Prep & Practice is a great app to prepare for the GMAT exam. It provides a complete guide to prepare for the test.
The app is divided into three different sections for the preparation of the exam.

  • Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)
  • Quantitative
  • Verbal

Ready4 GMAT (Prep4 GMAT)

With Ready4GMAT you can read, listen, and practice high quality GMAT questions on the go. Choose from our collection of 700+ in-depth GMAT questions – every one comes with a detailed explanation, so you can always learn from your mistakes. You can also read the official test instructions for each question.

Built-in timer ensures you practice under the real testing conditions. Harem you can choose from a wide range of difficulty levels and question types, use flashcards to memorize important keywords, concepts and formulas.

With the adaptive learning algorithm, Ready4GMAT adapts to your strengths and weaknesses and provides you with better questions, to ensure you always make progress.

Bloomberg GMAT Prep

The app comes with a study mode that allows you to practice questions based on your performance. It will keep track of your performance and show you the areas where you need more practice.

Bloomberg GMAT Prep app is basically designed for two things:

  1. Preparing for the GMAT exam.
  2. Analyzing your performance after taking the exam.

The app has a number of features that are helpful in preparing for the exam. The questions are organized into different categories. 
Bloomberg GMAT Prep also comes with a built-in timer to ensure that you don’t spend more time on one question than you should. The timer can be customized based on the time you want to spend on each question.

The app also has an automated error identification feature that allows you to see where you went wrong. If you miss a question, it will show you the correct answer as well as the incorrect answer so that you can avoid making the same mistake in the future.


Briefly, the preparation material is one of the most important things to prepare for the GMAT. It is advisable to go through the latest edition of some of the best books on the market. Use online material in addition to the books to enhance your preparation. 

In the end, the question of which is the best material for GMAT preparation depends on your needs. If you feel you are not good at the verbal section, then you need to buy material that focuses on the verbal section. If you feel that quant is your weak link, then buy books that focus on quant. 

group of students studying

Last but not least, the GMAT is a time-consuming test and it must be prepared properly. So, choose the best material but be aware that preparation and persistence are important factors for your success in the exam.